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With all the 'talking heads' that pop up on our TV channels why don't we have at least one Washington member of Congress who will just stand in front of a microphone and say "We have an incompent in the White House".

Anyone reading the news or listening to TV or Radio these past six years knows that the President is incompetent and should never have had the job in the first place.  He is in way over his head and his lack of any sort of reasonable plans for dealing with the economy, health care or foreign policy is an insult to all of us.

The only possible 'good' that will come out of his being President is that he has totally destroyed the Democratic party and sentenced it to wander in the wilderness for many coming elections.

And just while I am ranting I want to ask yet again:  "Just what the Hell are we doing poking our noses into the middle east?"  Not everyone on the planet needs to vote.  Why do we think that we need to impose our flawed system on the rest of the planet.  It doesen't work all that well here, look who we have for our President and he was 'elected' twice.

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OK this is from a satire site, but I thought you might like it, will take it down in a day or two.

Nobel Committee Asks Obama “Nicely” To Return Peace Prize

Nobel Committee Asks Obama “Nicely” To Return Peace Prize

Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, said today that President Obama “really ought to consider” returning his Nobel Peace Prize Medal immediately, including the “really nice” case it came in. 

Jagland, flanked by the other four members of the Committee, said they’d never before asked for the return of a Peace Prize, “even from a damnable war-criminal like Kissinger,” but that the 10% drawdown in US troops in Afghanistan the President announced last week capped a period of “non-Peace-Prize-winner-type behavior” in 2011.  

“Guantanamo’s still open. There's bombing Libya. There's blowing bin Laden away rather than putting him on trial. Now a few US troops go home, but the US will be occupying Afghanistan until 2014 and beyond. Don’t even get me started on Yemen!” 

The Committee awarded Obama the coveted prize in 2009 after he made a series of speeches in the first months of his presidency, which convinced the Peace Prize Committee that he was: “creating a new climate of...multilateral emphasis on the role of the United Nations...of dialogue and negotiations as instruments for resolving international conflicts...and a vision of world free of nuclear arms.” 

“Boy oh boy!” added Jagland. “Did we regret that press release!” 

Thorbjorn Jagland and members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee celebrate Norway's annual aquavit-tasting festival
Thorbjorn Jagland and members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee
celebrate Norway's annual aquavit-tasting festival yesterday

But, he revealed the committee members were all “legless drunk” the day they voted, as it was the start of Norway’s annual aquavit-tasting festival. The “totally toasted” members listened over and over to replays of Obama’s Cairo speech, tearing up and drinking shots to the glorious future: a black man leading America and the world into a new era of peace, hope and goodwill. “For a few hours we were all 18 year-old students again at the beautiful, occasionally sunny University of Bergen! Oh, how we cried for joy!”  

The chairman said the committee weren’t “going to be pills” about getting the Prize back because they still “basically really liked” Mr. Obama and that sending it back in a plain package by regular mail would fine if it would save him the embarrassment of a public return. But added Jagland, “things could get nasty” if the committee didn’t see it by the time they announce the new Peace Prize winner in the fall. He and the committee then excused themselves to resume their celebration of Norway’s annual aquavit-tasting festival.

The White House had no comment. It later announced an aggressive new covert CIA initiative to identify and apprehend Al Qaeda operatives in Scandinavia. 



Where is the Leadership we need? 

Clearly it isn't going to come from Mr. Obama. 

Perhaps for Christmas we can all chip in and get him a nice purse and a dress.

If the ongoing collapse of Iraq seems familiar, you might be thinking of how North Vietnam took over South Vietnam when the U.S. pulled out. A similar situation to what is going on right now in Iraq and will probably happen later this year (or perhaps next year) in Afghanistan.
The U.S. finds itself again in the position of having come out on the losing side of another civil war. Perhaps we are just jinxed or perhaps we don’t learn from history and we are doomed to keep repeating the same failed “nation building” policy over and over.
We can’t rewrite history, whether it is Vietnam or what has gone on more recently in Iraq. What we need to do now is deal with what we have.
Let’s establish some home truths: Since the founding of their religion the Shia and Sunni branches of Islam have been at war with each other. This isn’t going to change; each side views the other as being blasphemers and apostates of their religion.
They simply hate each other, always have, probably always will.
The average Westerner has virtually no idea of what Islam is about or how it works. You can probably get through life without extensive reading on the subject if you just remember that about 85 percent of Muslims are Sunni and 15 percent are Shia (Shii).
The Sunni view the Shia like the Indian caste system regards “untouchables.” That is, they have no use for them and except for a very few countries (Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon being the main ones), they are marginalized, have poor employment prospects and are looked down on as being Muslim pretenders.
Put bluntly, while Muslims are killing each other, they are not killing us. A harsh statement but how is it wrong?
Demonstrating that even a comedian can get it right now and then, when speaking about the Syrian conflict on “The Tonight Show” on June 19, 2013, Jay Leno said: ‘These two enemies of ours are fighting each other — why are we involved?’ Possibly the only things that we (the West) have going for us in the coming 40 years is that Islam is not one great monolith. It is fractured and may well come apart without any necessity for conflict with the West.
In the short term, I suggest we not further involve ourselves in Islamic countries. We have not done a very good job so far. Why would we believe that we will do better with further meddling?
Just take a deep breath and step back and let them keep killing each other.
William Harris
Kennesaw, Ga.



The 'End of Days' plan for the Jewish State.

The Israeli 'End of Days', Doomsday Plan has been known about for years in intelligence circles and generations of Israeli pilots have quietly participated in this plan.

It provides that in the event of the Jewish State being over run by its Islamic neighbors that a volunteer force carefully chosen from the Israeli Air Force will make a one way run to Mecca and Medina to obliterate both with nuclear weapons.

It is strictly a one way volunteer mission, there are no plans for any plane to return.


 Here is a Newsmax online poll with relevant questions on how President Obama is doing with the major issues we face now.

Overall, do you approve or disapprove of President Obama's job performance?

Compared to previous presidents, how would you rate President Obama?

Better than most
Worse than most
Do you approve of his job handling the U.S. economy?

Do you believe President Obama's new healthcare law, known as Obamacare, has helped or hurt you?

Helped me
Hurt me
No difference
Do you trust President Obama?

Yes, I trust him
No, I do not trust him

Do you support the full repeal of President Obama's healthcare plan Congress passed in 2010?

Yes, repeal it completely
No, don’t repeal it at all
No, repeal just parts of it
Do you agree with the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the Obamacare law?

Yes, agree
No, don't agree
Should Congress restore $500 billion in Medicare benefits for seniors that the Obama plan cut?

Yes, restore the Medicare benefits
No, don't restore the Medicare benefits
Do you support President Obama's desire to give 12 million illegal aliens amnesty and a path to citizenship?

Yes, I support Obama's amnesty plan
No, I oppose it

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